Monday, March 28, 2005

Wala lang, I just wanted to share this pic to everyone hehe. I just really love this picture of me and unna during my sister's wedding last December pa. This picture makes me wonder and say to myself, "I'm such a lucky guy to have her by my side." Drama ba? Hehe, I admit, mushy ako pero at least honest. :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Super Monkeys rule!!!

What did I do the whole day today? Played computer games! And syempre, tulog din hehehehe. Anyway, I bought this game called Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the PS2 and it rocks! Well, it rocks for me of course hehehe. Actually, super pambatang game siya, imagine a small monkey inside a ball rolling around a weird puzzle platform and the game's goal is to control the monkey-inside-the-ball character to the finish line. Pero syempre, hindi madali kasi may obstacles din involved hehehe. Anyway, the storyline is quite boring, the enemy monkey just stole all the bananas sa island so kelangan nilang kunin ulit (ang corny, hehehe). What do you expect? PAMBATA NGA EH! hehehe. anyway, I still had fun playing with the mini games and after playing for more than an hour, I got addicted and isa lang ang naisip ko, ang babaw ko pare..... pero okey lang hehehe.

Darn...test ko nga pala sa Globe tomorrow, 8AM!!!! Kainis, I have to wake up early pa and go to Boni avenue, shoot layo...

Oh well, I'll just play Super Monkey Ball after the test hehehe. It just feels good to be childish sometimes... :)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Watta Week!!!

So why is the title watta week? Well, as others already know, this is one hell week of bad luck! Actually, bad luck para sa car namin hehehe, and for me na rin. Hmmm....where to start, last Tuesday, Unna and I went out to watch Ms. Congeniality 2 at Market Market. Then after ko siya ihatid sa Antipolo that night at around 11pm, while I was on my way down the Sumulong highway, my car just suddenly broke down and the engine just stopped. I was just gliding down the slope of Antipolo and even the brakes were not working that well (since my car is an automatic Toyota Corolla and I honestly don't know why that happens when it breaks down). Anyway, luckily, I stopped in front of Hillside, a restobar along Sumulong. Kung masisiraan na lang din ako, buti ng sa may liwanag di ba? Anyway, I immediately called up my dad about the breakdown (buti hindi naman siya nagalit, it's not my fault anyway.) and agad naman ako pinuntahan ng dad ko with my tito. Then when they arrived at the place, my dad checked the car, and to our surprise, ang saya, the radiator was a wreck. Exaggerated ba? hehe. actually, the radiator just had a really big crack and tumapon lang naman yung lahat ng radiator fluid all over the engine, parang ganun. Anyway, eventually, we had to call a towing service to bring the car home. Hay, ang haba ko magkwento hehe.

Then just recently, (actually super recent, kaninang morning lang hehe) while I was on my way to pick up Doods along katipunan, sa may tapat lang ng Loyola Memorial, I stepped on the brakes to stop because the traffic person directed me to stop, then suddenly....*KABLAG!* (hehe, nice sound effects ba? hehe)... bigla na lang may Honda CRV na bumangga ng malakas sa likod ng car ko.... on the back of my mind, I was just saying to myself, "sh*t, pahamak nanaman ako...". Actually, I was quite afraid na baka sobrang laki ng damage kasi kagagawa lang ng bumper ng car just the other week tapos masisira nanaman. Anyway, when I got out of the car, I checked for any damages and luckily, the right side rear light was the only visible damage. (Eventually, my dad and I saw that the trunk was already misaligned due to the collision, at least ayos yung bumper hehe). Anyway, afterwards lumapit ako sa nakabangga, he's a manong driver for a certain person, doctor ata hehe ewan, and he was telling me nga na pasensya na and stuff like that. Actually, he was nice naman, hindi naman siya ma-complain or anything, aminado naman siya sa fault niya. Afterwards, we went to the Marikina City Hall Traffic office to report the accident. Wala lang, natatawa ako dun sa SPO1 dun, ang kulit lang kasi humirit hehehe.

Hay, pero grabe, sirang sira ang lakad ko that morning. Dapat kasi by 9am, I was already at Unna's house na, makiki-swimming sana hehehe, init eh hehe. Well, due to the accident and all the police report and stuff, dumating na ako sa Antipolo ng around 1040am. Nakapag-swimming pa rin ako, pero sandali lang, pero fun pa rin hehehe. Oh well, tomorrow, I have to get the police report pa sa Marikina City Hall and kailangan ko pa asikasuhin lahat ng ito, hassle lang. Kainis... (tamad ba? hehehe)

Oh well, I guess there are just times that I can be so unlucky. I'm just hoping that sana by next week, puro swerte naman hehehe, like matanggap na ako sa isang company for OJT? Hehehe. Hay, I just make kwento so long... hehehe (translation: mahaba ako magkwento hehehe) kaya mangungulit na lang ako ng ibang tao hehe. I guess I just learned something about me just now, I realized that in spite of all the bad luck that I had this week, I still have the energy to just smile and still be happy with the simple things, like swimming and watching Robots sa Shangrila! Woohoo! hehehehe. And I just want to thank Unna for making my day great kahit na morning pa lang, napahamak na hehehe. Watta week, watta wonderful day. Labo hehe. :D

Friday, March 25, 2005

Scrap the template!!!

Hehe, i guess nauwi rin ako sa template ng hehehe. All the work, down the drain...sniff, sniff... hehe. Oh what the hell, the template script was killing my brain cells anyway hehe. Anyway, I changed my blog back to the fixed template and so far, i'm enjoying it hehe. First time ko rin maglagay ng picture using the Hello by Picasa program hehe, it makes life so much easier hehehe. Hmmm.... it's good friday today and I don't know what to do for the rest of the day. Well, I woke up late na rin naman hehe. Hay, I'll just play some computer games muna hehehe. :D

My Gabay friends!!! Roasting 2005: 20 March 2005 :) Posted by Hello

Oh far so good hehehe

Hay, i'm having a difficult time understanding the script of this template hehe. Well, at least it looks decent now compared to the first version. Anyway, it's already 2:35am and I don't feel sleepy at all, hehe, makasalanan itong blog na ito, nakakapuyat hehehe. ano ba makukuwento ko? Well, my dad and I went to Island Cove yesterday with my titos and titas, pinsans and pamangkins. Actually, hindi ko nga alam na may outing pala kami yesterday, bigla na lang akong ginising ng dad ko and he said, "Sama kang Cavite?". Syempre, oo naman ako kahit bangag pa ako hehehe. Anyway, we had fun naman, we just ate sa may fishing lake. However, we got frustrated on our tuna panga order, parang hindi panga ng tuna eh, parang panga lang ng bangus. Basta harang hehe. But in fairness, I really enjoyed their halo-halo. Mehn, sobrang sarrrraaap. (Haha, weird i-type ng "mehn" ehehe). Even if I felt bloated after eating the halo-halo, I still enjoyed the luscious taste of the ube ice cream on top and the lots and lots and lots and lots of halo-halo "fillings" inside the tall glass. Sharraap talaga, gusto ko ulit ng halo halo hehehe.

By the way, natuwa naman ako kanina kasi hindi na nahihiya sa akin pamangkin ko hehe. Hay, wala na akong madagdag. This is just a test entry anyway. Good night my good friends. :D


Oh well, wala lang akong magawa, kaya ayun. hehehe.