Friday, November 09, 2007

Simple Surprises

Do you know the feeling of being surprised with a simple gesture, but deep inside, you can't resist the fact that you feel special with that simple act? :)

Just yesterday, Clarissa and I were supposed to have lunch together at Ortigas, my office territory hehe, since she was on a client call that day at Ortigas area; thus, I didn't bring any baon for lunch. So I waited for her and I really didn't try to bother her since she was busy and all so I just waited. Then it came to a point that by 3PM, I hadn't received any text nor YM messages from her about the lunch date; good thing I ate Karla's leftover spaghetti and garlic bread from Jollibee so I really didn't feel hungry during the afternoon hehehe. So I called up Clarissa and she was still in the office! Well, she was really busy with a lot of clients so she got delayed with her schedule, and it turned out, her YM was stuck and she couldn't receive messages hehehe.

Anyway, eventually she left the office and went to Ortigas for her client call. So again, I didn't try to bother her since she was busy for work. Then at around 5PM, I was just staring at my work computer, just watching Mai Hime anime since I was ultimately busy and had no required work to do. While I was watching, in my peripheral view, I saw a girl standing near my workplace. At first I didn't bother who it was, but I took a second look and it was Clarissa! Haha! She went inside the office to surprise me, that was why she didn't even bother to text me or anything haha! It turned out, she had an accomplice, it was Kat my officemate, to know what floor our office is and what time I was planning to leave my work place.

From the office, we had dinner at NYPD pizza at Podium (they have really delicious thin-crust pizza and buffalo wings with blue cheese, but I still prefer Don Hen's gigantic buffalo wings hehe). We also ate gigantic crepes at Crepes and Cream, in Podium, sarrrap. Afterwards, we stood up to go home and I was asking her where she parked her car. She kept on saying "secret" so I had no idea if I was to drive her home or not hehe. When we got to my car, from afar, I saw her blue-green Honda Civic beside my Altis, haha! She even made an effort to find my car parked in Megamall and park right beside it, hehe (it's cheesy but I like it hehehe).

Then while I was walking towards my car with Clarissa, I think I was telling her something, then I suddenly saw a small piece of paper on my windshield, which I thought was a sort of parking ticket or some advertisement, but when I took the paper it said, "Dear Chubby, I love you! Love Snuggy" Haha! It was really simple but it just took my breath away, I just smiled really really goofy and I hugged her and told her that I love her too, hehehe. She calls me chubby, duh? Hehe, and I call her snuggy because she snuggles cutely hehehe! Wala lang, it was really sweet of Clarissa to do such simple things for me and how simple it may seem, it meant a lot to me. Thank you and I love you Clarissa. :)


  • pitt, ngayon ko lang nalaman. i'm so happy for you. :)

    By Blogger grace, at 11:14 PM  

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