Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Walang Kwentang Kwento

Let me start my entry with my experience yesterday sa jeep, hehe. Wala lang, I left school at around 4pm yesterday. Actually, I left early because I wanted to go to Sta Lucia Mall to buy wood glue and pins for my acoustic guitar (balak ko na kasing ayusin eh, sayang kasi hehehe). So I went to Aurora Ave to ride a jeep going to Sta Lucia. (ang bagal ko magkwento noh? hehehe). Anyway, when I rode the jeep, I noticed there were two pretty girls in front of me; naisip ko pa nga, "uy astig, something to brighten up my day" hehehe. One was a Miriam College student, and the other was just wearing casual clothes, but the point is, they were pretty hehehe. Of course, I didn't want to get caught looking at them or at least one of them, so I just looked down and tried to avoid any eye contact (nakakahiya naman eh). Then, I noticed the Miriam College girl's hand, she has a ring. Then the thought just came to me, "Ay, taken na." Suddenly, I also noticed the other girl's hand, she also has a ring, then I thought, "Ay taken na rin." So I looked at the MC girl's hand again, then I noticed that she had the same ring as the casual girl's ring! Then I slightly looked up and I saw the MC girl clinging to the casual girl's arms and the casual girl's right hand was reaching to the MC girl's right hand (sort of slightly and discretely holding hands). Oh my golly, MAG-ON PALA SILA!!! HAHAHA!!! Tama ba naman ang magsama ang dalawang maganda, then that means may dalawang guys na mawawalan ng chance to have really pretty gfs hehehehe. Wala lang, I know the experience is superficial, but I just felt really funny about myself and the way I was able to formualate the idea that the two girls were "together" in a relationship sense, hehehe.

Anyway, I still had a nice day yesterday even if I did badly in my POS100 orals that afternoon. I went to Sta Lucia Mall before I went home. I was able to buy wood glue and pins for my guitar (I can finally use my acoustic guitar again woohoo!!!). I wanted to pass by din sana sa Milko ice cream stand to see if Tims (my long time friend and prom date sa Poveda) was there running her business, but she wasn't so I just roamed around the mall. Then I passed by 2 Rats 4 d brats stand and they were selling Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children DVDs!!! Syempre, as a Final Fantasy 7 fan, hindi ko natiis, kahit fake, binili ko na, gusto ko mapanood eh hehehehe. It was a really nice movie especially if you're a final fantasy 7 fan, Cloud Strife's character was executed really well skillfully and emotionally and the story and action scenes were really awesome! I highly recommend Advent Children to all Final Fantasy fans and to non-FF fans as well. By the way, did I mention that the movie was rendered in full-3d? It looked pretty much the same as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie that was released in theaters a few years ago. That means, the movie really looked great and the 3d rendering and animation were amazing.

So there, yun lang ang ginawa ko yesterday hehehehe. Superficial it may seem, I still had fun and walang ng magrereklamo dun hehehe. Anyway, today, may field trip kami sa pol sci class namin. We're going to the Senate and listen to their blabbering and stuff hehehehe. Yun lang muna, it's been quite a while since the last time I updated my blog hehehehe. Sabi ko sa inyo, walang kwentang kwento ito hehehehe.