Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And for the Nth time...

...I saw another roadkill...

But wait, this is not just an animal roadkill. What I mean is, an actual body lying on the road, a body of a person. The first time was at Sumulong highway when I was in college, second was at Libis and the third time was at C-5 hiway near the intersection at Kalayaan avenue. Last Sunday was the 4th time I saw a lifeless body on the road; well, I wasn't really sure if he was dead or not, but he wasn't moving at all and blood from his head was trickling down the slanted cemented road.

It was early in the morning, around 8:30AM I suppose, when I just came from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for my brother and sister-in-law's flight to Singapore. Then, on my way home, I passed through Marcos Hiway and went straight up the flyover towards Bayan of Marikina. I was at the right lane of the flyover when suddenly, people were standing on the road and signaling me to move to the left lane. Then when I shifted lanes, there were a few people standing up and one man lying still on the road, with blood coming from his head. And a few meters away, there was a motorcycle lying on the ground. Further down the road, an ambulance was on its way opposite my direction. I assumed, he was a motorcyclist without a safety helmet who lost his balance and fell off his motorbike head first on the hard asphalt. Ouch. It was scary, but for some reason, I am already sort of used to seeing it already or probably because I've seen worse.

It sucks to be dead in such an unpredictable way and it sucks more if you die because of your own stupidity of not wearing a safety helmet or simply, for not being safe and cautious of possible accidents that could happen. I just hope he did wear a helmet and it was really an unexpected accident; I didn't know how it happened anyway. But more than that, I do hope he's alive and the ambulance did get in time to save him from his unexpected death.

It's a sad thought...


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