Monday, November 27, 2006


I spent the whole weekend in Guam and I just got back tonight. I usually go to Guam every year or every other year just to renew my re-entry permit, which really costs a lot, especially for my parents. Anyway, when I ride a plane, I usually sit by the window area so I could see the clouds and the ocean when we're already way up the sky. Well, the scenario I just mentioned only applies to day trips and not on night trips, since I wouldn't be able to see anything outside at night. However, my trip awhile ago was quite different.

When I was done watching the feature presentation of the plane, I just started listening to some music and I stared at the window. Then suddenly, I saw stars that were bright and clear since the plane was above the clouds that were quite few that time. I smiled and started reminiscing again (ok fine, i'm a sentimental person...). I was fascinated with what I was seeing since I've never experienced glaring at the stars at that perspective. Then when I turned my view a little to the right, I saw the crescent moon. It was bright and it's light casted a somehow faint reflection by the ocean, it was really nice. You don't often see a moonlit ocean from a plane perspective, so it was a nice moment.

While I was looking at the view, I remembered a story from a good friend of mine. It was a time when he was together with his girlfriend and they sat quietly on a two-seater swing by the lawn outside the house. It was a sweet scene, they even had a blanket that they shared to keep them warm outside the house. Then the guy just suddenly asked the girl if she was willing to love him forever. Of course, the girl nodded and said yes. Then the guy just asked, "Promise? Itaga mo man sa bato?" The girl looked at the moon, and she replied, "Oo naman, itataga ko pa sa buwan." She looked back at the guy and they both smiled. Hehehe, it was cheezy and funny, but somehow, I found it sweet, hehehe.

A simple statement that sounded funny and cheezy, but it gave out a great promise that should last forever. It could be a promise that could make anyone smile and feel loved even if it seemed like it was a joke; it was a promise to the moon that made them smile. Seeing the night sky makes me smile, and I don't know how the moon and the stars make me jitter and feel good about myself. For others, it's a moment to be romantic and to be sweet. But I guess, for me, the moon and the stars also remind me that there will always be light, even in the darkest areas, even in the middle of the ocean where anyone can get lost. A light that will always give you hope that you will be saved.

I remember one time when some of my Gabay friends laughed at me and told me that it was gay of me to like the clouds, the stars and the moon. I laughed coz I didn't find it gay. Eh bakit ba, masaya ako sa clouds, stars at moon eh hehehe.

Happiness is not just merely an emotion, it is a choice. I am happy. :P

Ang labo ng kwento ko... hehehe. :P

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ninakaw na Nakaw na Survey

Since palpak ang testing ko sa office, mag-survey na lang ako:

1. hows your heart lately?
:: on the virge of being healthy na ulit, hehe, balik gym na eh hehe

2. did u ever cheat during exam?
:: In elementary, I change my answers when it's check your own papers (especially in spelling exams). In high school I copy 1 or 2 answers from my seatmate and usually ako ang kinkopyahan, haha, yabang. In college, lalo na pag ECE ka, kopya lang nang kopya sa mga take home exams hehehe.

3. first boyband that made you go gaga?
:: weh?

4. how many pairs of shoes do u own?
:: around 7 or 8

5. what CD's are u currently listening to?
:: I haven't bought any cds recently, but I am currently listening to The Fray's album (downloaded lang) kaso hindi ko pa kumpleto lahat ng songs hehe.

7. do u buy pirated CD's, VCD's or DVD's?
:: I only buy pirated software and games CD's and movie DVD's

8. have you ever been suspended to school?
:: Never.

9. how many different faces can you make?
:: Smile, frown and look indifferent. hehe. Three I guess.

10. how many times do u brush your teeth in a day?
:: Depends sa mood, two to three times a day.

11. what perfume do u use?
:: CK Romance, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, can't remember yung iba.

12. do u watch pinoy televovelas?
:: If I'm with my mom, napapapanood ako hehehe.

13. how about asianovelas?
:: Some of Meteor Garden seasons 1 and 2 and Full House (woohoo! favorite!)

14. how about latin (spanish/mexican) telenovelas?
:: Marimar? hehehe

14. favorite cartoon character?
:: Marami, Naruto, Ippo Makunouchi, basta, karamihan anime. Sa hindi anime, Spongebob and Patrick, the Fairies in Fairly Oddparents and Billy and Mandy.

15. can u drive?
:: Yep!

16. favorite streetfood?
:: Isaw and barbecue!

17. describe your room, what can we find inside it?
:: It's hell. Music cds in a black rack, PS2 dvds all over the shelves, tv by the window, lots and lots and lots of college notes and books all over the computer table and the study table, college textbooks by the shelves, Gundam and Spawn toys by another shelf, bed by the rough wall, a small sofa-like chair that is not even sit-able (due to the bags and other stuff that I keep on leaving on the chair), board exam post-it notes all over the cabinet door and wall at the study table, gig posters by the door, and white painted walls around the room. (boring noh?)

18. do u like to party?
:: Depends sa mood.

19. do u still ask permission from your parents about stuff, like going out or going to somewhere?
:: I don't usually ask permission, I just inform my dad or the maid where I'm going then I just text my dad if ever I'll be out late at night.

21. favorite radio station?
:: NU 107 and 103.5

22. have u ever been under arrest?
:: nyek, syempre hindi. (does MMDA traffic violation count?)

23. what song do u sing in the shower?
:: I don't sing in the shower. Mas madalas ako mag munimuni when I take a bath.

24. whats the biggest difference you've made in the world?
:: um...

25. do u keep a diary?
:: Nope. I had journals before but I never really had the interest to update it everyday.

26. what do u do when u feel low about yourself?
:: Sleep, play the guitar, or simply sit around quietly and watch tv.

27. can you cook?
:: YES! Chicken mami, Beef mami, Chili-mansi pancit canton, Yakisoba (both spicy chicken and beef savory)...

28. worst gift you had ever received?
:: I don't have a worst gift, I consider all gifts special. It's the thought that counts.

29. are u facing a major problem right now?
:: well, kind of.

30. hows your relationship with your parents?
:: My dad and I aren't that close and I do miss my mom since she's in the US right now.

31. any childhood ambitions?
:: I wanted to become a pilot.

32. how about childhood achievements?
:: Wala, bagsakan ako nung elementary (puro notification slips) and napahiya pa ako sa interpretative reading contest. In high school, well I graduated 1st honors, yun lang ata achievement ko hehe.

33. hows ur relationship with God?
:: Hmm... ok lang, I just accept whatever He gives me.

Oh well, uwian na. I'm having a bad day so I'll just leave it like this. Crap.