Sunday, May 29, 2005

I've never been this happy...

Hello! It has been a while since I last posted an entry in this blog. Medyo busy kasi ako dahil sa school and sa OJT... ok fine... tinatamad lang ako magpost hehehe. Anyway, yesterday, I had the best time of my life. Yesterday, May 28, I woke up around 10 in the morning, feeling good and excited because I was sick from Thursday to Friday, then that morning, I was feeling great! Excited din ako kasi may plans kami ni Unna na manood ng Madagascar ng 3pm sa Eastwood (Watch the movie, it's really good. I highly recommend it hehe). Actually, na-late kami ng dating sa Eastwood kaya naubusan kami ng seats. At first, sabi ko yung next show na lang, then sabi ni Unna hindi pwede kasi nagtext daw dad ko sa kanya na may dinner kami so we have to be back home ng 6pm. But what's weird was, my dad did not tell me anything about a dinner that night (hmmm...something fishy... hehe) so we decided to watch in Podium na lang kasi may showing ng 4:40, so ayun, natuloy, ang saya! hehe.

After the movie, we went back home sa house ko, and my dad texted me to park at the Allied Bank parking (weird...akala ko may baha). Then pagdating namin sa Allied Bank, nagtaka ako kasi nakita ko yung Vios car ni Jerico sa harap ng house ko (hehehe), then may Starex, and I even saw Tristan's car sa tapat ng kapitbahay namin.... then suddenly the thought just came to my mind.... "oh my God... is this a surprise party for me???"

Syempre, nabawasan ang surprise. So I entered the house with Unna. The lights were off, the surroundings were quiet... then the lights turned on.... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" my face went blank, leaving me the thought, "oh wow! all my friends are here!!!" Then I looked around... bubbles... seaweeds... big cartoonish violet flowers... IT'S A SPONGEBOB THEME!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

It was exhilirating. Yesterday was my first ever surprise birthday party. My friends were there, Gabayanos, Gboys, ECE peeps. Clauds was there, Guiller came even if he just arrived from Zambales, Quino, Elmer, Jo, Jargon, Avs, Souljay, Ate Cla, Roi, Chi, Aron, Miko, Mando, Rache, even Abbie Sac passed by just to greet me and give me a gift. Kahit si Tito, dumating din to join the birthday party. We ate lots of pizza, KFC chicken and pancit in the party. One word describes the event: FUN. :)

Hehe, yes it was fun. But I could never miss out one factor that made me so happy that night, one person to be specific...Unna. Unna was the mastermind of this wonderful experience. It was a party with my friends and it was really fun, but for the fact that it was from Unna and she was there to celebrate the party with me made me realize a happiness na sobrang tagal ko nang hindi naramdaman. :) Thank you Unna. :)

There were two things that I realized in that party, first, I realized that I really do have a lot of caring friends who really do care about me (huh? hehehe). Second, I'm just so lucky to have Unna in my life who is so sweet, loving and caring, my loved one who I will forever treasure in my heart. She showed me that there will always be hope for happiness. True, sadness is bad for your health hehehe. Thank you specially to the people who helped Unna with the party, to Elmer, Quino, Aron, Fael, Souljay, Saab, Frank, and many many more, dami niyo eh hehehe. And I truly want to thank Unna for making me feel this happy in my life. I love you so much hun. :)

Me and my lovely darling, Unnie. :) I love you hun! :) Posted by Hello

Me and my beloved Unnie! (the party mastermind hehehe) Yey! Posted by Hello

The Magalona Family with Doods! Yey! Posted by Hello

Gboys with Chi, Clauds and Angel! Yey! Posted by Hello

ECE peeps with Chi and Clauds! Yey! Posted by Hello

Gabay peeps at my surprise party! Yey! :) Posted by Hello