Thursday, March 15, 2007

Joke Time lang :P

Isang panget na babae, hinoholdap
Holdaper: Holdap ito! Akin na gamit mo!
Babae (sumigaw): RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!
Holdaper: Anong rape? Holdap nga to eh!
Babae: Nagsa-suggest lang.

Pare 1: Pare parang malalim ang iniisip mo!
Pare 2: Nanaginip ako kagabi kasama ko 50 contestants
ng Ms. Universe
Pare 1: Swerte mo! ano problema mo?
Pare 2: Pare ako nanalo!

Erap writing on a slum book:
Favorite Actor:
Arnold Scharzene... ... (erase)
Arnold Schwarze... ... (erase)
Arnold Schwarzz... ... (erase)
Arnold Shwazenne.... ..(erase)
Arnold Shwazenner... ..(erase)
Arnold Shwarzenneg.. ..(erase)
Arnold Schchwarzenne... (erase)
Arnold Clavio

Sa isang mumurahing airline:
Stewardess: Sir, would you like some dinner?
Passenger: Ano ba ang mga choices?
Stewardess: Yes or No lang po

hehehe, wala lang, wala akong mapost eh, bored pa hahaha! :P

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Goodbyes again

I hate goodbyes...but one way or another, it's bound to happen in every circumstance. I have said goodbyes to many things, like to my old playstation, to my old guitar, to my very-loved university, to my old habits (well not all), and to my loved ones, especially my family. And at the end of my vacation with my family, I said goodbye again for the nth time.

Well, the picture above is a photo that I took before my sister and mom left to go back to the US. It's my dad and my sister saying their goodbyes. Hindi na namin sila hinatid kasi higante ang baggage nila, di kasya sa kotse, so they just rented a van to take them to the airport. Hay, the goodbye moments made me feel sad all over again. The time when we left Singapore and I saw Terlyn wave goodbye to us, ang lungkot mehn kasi again, mag-isa nanaman siya sa apartment niya. Then last night, when we said our goodbyes to my mom and sister (Teebee), it was a sad moment too. Maybe it's because at that moment, I had realized that it's time to move on to reality, vacation with my family was over, and I had to go back to the old life. It's a feeling that you just don't want things to change kasi masaya ka na sa sitwasyon na yun. Then again, being stagnant is bad, all of us have to move on with our own lives. And now, it's coming back to my thoughts again, the line, "tuloy lang ang buhay."

Oh well, that is reality. As most people say, change is good. If change doesn't exist then there wouldn't be any growth. It was a great adventure with my family, lots of fun moments again, exciting trip to Singapore (kahit na pamatay maglakad) and of course, lots and lots of catching up. It was fun, but it had to end one way or another. Pero syempre, it's not the end of everything, lagi namang may next time hehe. Sabi nga ng sister ko, next vacation daw Europe naman daw, good luck na lang sa sweldo ko kung may pambayad ako ng ticket hehehe, pero sana matuloy. :) Anyway, back to reality! :P

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Singapore Days 3 and 4

Day 3:

On the third day of my Singapore trip with my family, we planned to go to Sentosa, one of the nicest tourist spots in Singapore. It has nice beaches (kaso man-made beaches yun) and there are lots of memorable places to go to and have fun such as the luge ride, the Merlion statue, the Musical Fountain, etc. When going to Sentosa, we had to pass the Vivocity Mall so we can ride the monorail going to Sentosa. So we rode the monorail that somehow reminded me of the LRT in Manila except that the monorail only had two cars, the one at the back and one at the front hehe. So we went to the beach station of Sentosa to check out the beach and eat some pizza; we didn't plan to swim since kulang din kami sa oras. When we got to the beach, it was really nice even if it was a man-made beach. There were lots of people hanging out at the shore, mostly youngsters and tourists. At isa pa, ang daming naka-topless!!! Kaso puro lalake hahahaha!!! Anyway, we went to the Trapeze resto and ate some delicious thin crust pizza and a really heavy lasagna on a hot plate (sobrrrraaaannng sarrrraaappp...).

Mmmm... pizza....
Mmmm... ice cream... while on the beach...

As usual, busog nanaman kami hehehe.

Afterwards, we went to the skyride area to ride the skyride going up, and then ride the luge going down. The experience was awesome! We were so up high sitting on a wooden bench (na may railing naman) and our feet was dangling below. Sobrang natakot sister ko kaya ang higpit ng kapit niya and most of the time, nakapikit siya hehehe, ako naman enjoy lang, ganda ng view eh hehehe.

The skyride

When we got up, instead of using the skyride in going down the hill, we opted to take the luge ride. The luge was like a go-kart except that it had no motors and instead of using a wheel, it had handles. Since it had no motor, the luge was meant to go down along the slope with gravity. The experience? Fun!!! Sarap lang kasi it felt like you're riding a fast bump car since pababa yung track na dinadaanan mo. Astig lang hehehe, we wanted another ride on the luge kaso ayaw na ng ate ko sumakay ng skyride hehe.

The luge ride (last place ako sa aming tatlo...huhuhu...)

After the ride, we went to Palawan area of Sentosa to check out the animal show. Well, it wasn't much, but there were really cool big parrots in the performance. Pero syempre, the usual performance naman ng parrots pero entertaining kasi ang cute ng parrots and the emcees were funny and entertaining. We also rode the flying saucer thing that goes up to see the whole view of Sentosa and Singapore.

Then before the Sentosa trip was done, at around 6PM, we waited for about half an hour for the Musical Fountain show. At first, I thought it would be a show that just included water sprays, but to my surprise, it was different. Of course it still involved water sprays, but they were really strong jet water sprays strong enough to build a sort of thin wall of water for a projector to project videos on the water. Sobrang astig!!! Even if pambata yung show (and the character was a green monkey named KIKI), sobrang nakakaaliw. It felt like I was watching Disney's Fantasia, except that I was watching the colorful projections on water hehehe, labo ba? Basta yun... hehehe.

The Musical Fountain show (even the Merlion from afar was part of the show)

After the show, I overheard from one of the tourguides that the Musical Fountain show for that night might be the last chance for those tourists to view the famous show of Sentosa. It was because there were plans that the place would be torn down and I think the Musical Fountain would be moved somewhere else. And my dad told me that there were plans of building a casino on the place where the Musical Fountain was. Hay, sayang lang, ang ganda pa naman nung place nung Musical Fountain... :( Kung ilipat man nila, sana sa mas magandang place. :P

After the Sentosa trip, we went back to Vivocity Mall via the monorail and then we ate at Food Republic again, but this time it was the branch at Vivocity Mall where the theme of the dining place was sort of old Chinese setting (yung mga tipong ala Drunken Master period hehehe).

Day 4:

The fourth day of my Singapore trip was much simpler than the previous days. We just went back to Vivocity mall to check out Daiso, a Japanese store where EVERYTHING they're selling is at S$2. Then we took some pictures of the roof top of Vivocity and of course, ate again at Food Republic (gusto kasi namin masubukan yung lahat ng klase ng pagkain dun hehehe).

Yehesss... the rooftop of Vivocity Mall

After our leisure adventure in Vivocity mall shopping for a lot of stuff (mga bagay na wala lang, binili lang namin hehehe), we went to Ang Mo Kio area for the Night Safari show. It was in the Singapore Zoo and as the name states, it's a show for the animals of the night. Before the actual show, there was a presentation from a group. At first parang boring kasi parang tribal thing lang, then after a while, grabe, parang silang mga lasseeeeng!!! Wahaha!!! They kept on shouting and laughing and dancing pero sobrang nakakatawa sila tignan. It's like you're watching a big drunk barkada who had too many to drink to just stay behaved hehehe.

Then the actual show began, there was one at a sort of amphitheater where there was an emcee and they showed different wild animals. It was also the first time a saw a raccoon, ang laki pala nun hehehe pero cute nila hehehe. Then after the show there was a tram ride. The tram ride was a tour around the place and they show the different animals in the night. To see the animals, there were spotlights that light the area of the animals where they were staying. There were different kinds of deers, birds, lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, bearded pigs and weird snouted pigs, an anteater (anlaki din! di ko inakala...), pelicans, flamingos, and there was even a giant hamster in the rainforest. As in it really looked like a hamster or a guinea pig, pero sobrang laki, as in parang malaking lechon yung size niya hehehehe, it was a fun night show and anlamig habang nasa tram kami hehehe.

After the show, we went home, our feet were sore and our bodies were fatigued. Hehe, it was tiring, but fun. Asteeg. :P

*more pictures at

Monday, March 05, 2007

Singapore Days 1 and 2

Day 1:

Nakarating na ako sa Singapore!!! Woohoo!!! Hehe, I got here in Singapore yesterday (since ngayon ko sinusulat blog ko and I'm using my sister's laptop hehe) and as soon as we got out of the plane and as we walked along the corridors of the Changi airport, my initial reaction was, "Huwaw! Daming plants sa airport!" Hehe, believe me, airport palang, napaka-environmental na hehehe. Then we got out of the airport and rode the taxi going to my sister's apartment. On the road, grabecious and dami ng puno, ang sisipag nila magtanim ng puno! Hehe, seriously, there was an abundance of "green" all over the place, syempre, dami ring flowers. During the taxi trip, I felt like I was driving along Fr. Masterson drive in Ateneo or the road in UP Diliman where there are a lot of big trees along the road (di ko alam yung name nung street...). Anyway, when we got to my sister's apartment (actually, we got lost coz my dad gave the driver the wrong address. Instead of Lorong 37 Geylang, he kepy on saying Lorong 3 Geylang 37, weirdness hehehe), meron kaming welcome food from my sister, SIOPAO! Wahahaha! Ayus di ba, siopao agad ang kinain pagkaapak sa Singapore hehehe. So after the siopao fest, we strolled around, rode the bus (na astig kasi sobrang organized using the prepaid EZ card thing na universal for both train and bus), and walked to City Hall (mall?) basta dun. Then we went to No Signboard restaurant and ate big prawns, shiitake mushrooms with broccoli, crispy baby squid, and the all-time favorite, CHILI CRAB!!! Haha!

Me and my Dad in No Signboard Restaurant

We ordered the less spicy chili crab, but it was still spicy as hell, baka di lang kami sanay hehehe, and I also got chili crab sauce on my pants and shirt (crap!). After eating, we strolled around the place again to take some pictures of us and the place. We also went to see the Merlion statue of Singapore.

Me, Teebee, cousin Chichi, and Terlyn with the Merlion (yung nasa malayo hehehe)

Cool noh? Hehehe! Nice nice! (Marami pang pictures niyan like dun sa Durian building hehehe kaso kakatamad na hehehe)

Day 2:
In day 2, I woke up at around 10AM kasi super puyat ako the night before our flight so I took the time to sleep. So for the day, we went to the market to get my sister's pants cut. Afterwards, we went to Food Republic to of course, EAT!!!
Sarap ng food mehn, it's like a sosy food court na sobrang daming masarap na food and sobra ring daming people hehehe. It was quite difficult in choosing the food you want to eat coz everything looks so delicious!!! And in my opinion, the food we bought was really delicions (di ko nga alam kung ano mga tawag sa kinain namin hehe). Afterwards, we strolled around Orchard road to check out the malls along that area. We walked and walked and walked and walked...

Me, Teebee, Mommy and Daddy sitting down kasi pagod na maglakad hehehe (at OG store)

Then we rode the bus going to Bugis, which was a sort of a sosy tiangge (na hindi mukhang tiangge or what), basta yun! So we just bought a couple of shirts at Bossini and Giordano (coz may Sale sila hehehe) and namasyal na rin kami around the place. I also saw a store in Bugis that sell Astro Boy merchandise! May chucks pa na Astro Boy and design wahahaha!!! Then nakita namin ng sister ko yung statue ni Astro Boy sa harap and it looked really interesting so I asked my sister to a picture of me and Astro Boy:

Langyang Astro Boy, naka pakyu gesture pa! Wahaha!!!

Then we got really tired of walking and honestly, I was really torturing my feet, it hurt like hell lalo na sa heel part (flat footed kasi? hehe). So we went home and pinapak na lang namin yung uwi naming beef jerky while watching the first episode of Ugly Betty in one of the 2 channels that show english shows or english subtitles in chinese shows. So there, now I'm just blogging now in the middle of the night at inaantok na rin ako hehehe. I wonder what we'll do for day 3? Hehehe, excited na ako, sabi ng ate ko Sentosa raw kami hehehe. Balita ko rin maganda dun, sana fun hehehe. Asteeg! :P