Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Long-Awaited Date

Don't misunderstand the title, I wasn't really on a "date" where cheezy movies and romantic dinners are involved. Today, I had a date with a really good friend of mine whom I haven't seen in more than a year already and through the many times that we planned on hanging out to have some coffee and chat, ngayon lang talaga natuloy hehehe.

Anyway, my day started with my scheduled morning gym at Fitness First. I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill and did a few weights training just to get back on my fitness track hehe. To my surprise, I suddenly saw Joseph Canto, who was once my classmate in Elementary school in Ateneo, in the Fitness First gym and we got to chat a bit. Afterwards, I got tired and went to the shower to freshen up. Ok fine, I almost "blacked-out" while I was doing my weights training coz I got too tired so I gave up and went straight to the showers hehehe. But wait, that wasn't my date for the day hehe.

After the gym, I went straight to Megamall to just roam around and check some stuff that might interest me (and spend money on it). Then while I was in Powerbooks, I wanted to buy the Tuesday's with Morrie book by Mitch Albom since I've always wanted to read it coz a lot of people say it's a really good inspirational book. I looked for the book in all of the shelves, but I couldn't find it (it took me around an h0ur just looking for it). Then I gave up and I asked the customer service area and unfortunately, the book was sold out...Shucks... ~X( So I bought the I Sat Down by the River Piedra and Wept book instead. So aside from my interest in reading the book, why did I buy it suddenly at this time? The answer, it was to help me keep busy while I wait for 4:30, which was the time for my "date" hehehe (kasi late gumising yung dapat kong kasama... hehehe)

So I just hanged around at Soup Bowl (yata) to eat a quarter bowl soup and some bread and of course, to start reading my newly bought book. Then 4:30 came and I received a missed call, meaning she was already outside the mall to pick me up (o di ba, ako pa sinundo, wala kasi akong kotse eh...jologs... hehehe). Anyway, when I got out, I laughed at the first thing she said to me, ang haba raw ng buhok ko, hindi na raw ako mukhang malinis hahaha! Ok fine, I do plan to cut my hair sometime before the year ends so at least I'll look clean when 2007 arrives hehehe. So we decided to go to Razon's coz she was supposed to treat me for halo-halo (yum!). In the car pa lang, kwentuhan na kami! There were a lot of catching up to do, but I don't think one afternoon was enough to do all the catching up hehehe. Even at Razon's, we talked about a lot of things pati mga lasheng moments. After Razon's, we went straight to Starbucks at Silvercity. Super nice ng Starbucks dun!!! We went there coz we had a deal, I needed to treat her for coffee so she can already get her Starbucks planner (kasi dalawa na lang, kumpleto na hehe). So during coffee, dami ulit kwentuhan. Topics from simple kulitan to serious stuff about life came about in our conversations. It was nice, simple and fun. Alam mo yun, kwentuhang tuloy tuloy kasi ang dami niyong gustong i-share. Anyway, we were supposed to go to Tiendesitas and the Fort, but due to the bad mixture of halo-halo and coffee, the call of nature was a priority hehehe. So she dropped me off at Megamall where I can take a shuttle home and she headed home as well.

So what's the importace of this post, I don't know hehe. For me, I was just happy to see my good friend again. Sayang nga lang sandali lang talaga kami nagkakwentuhan, I just really missed hanging out with her. We had really nice conversations, topics that even left me inspired and made me think about the life I am going through. There were serious and cheerful (tawanan) moments. I really admire her optimism and how she centers her life on God. I just wish I can be as optimistic as her (but I'm trying hehehe).

I am grateful to have such a good friend who has always been there and who has always understood my sentiments even if we seldomly see each other. I had a simple day, but it was fulfilling and fun. And I just realized that trustworthy friendships do not really involve the time-spent together nor the longetivity of the actual friendship, it just needs the factor on how you see the person's importance in your life.

Thanks Cha for the fun and simple date (and for the halo-halo hehe). I learned a lot from you. :P


By the way, tinamaan ako dito (in terms of my sentiments about relationships, hehe):

"One doesn't love in order to do what is good or to help or to protect someone. If we act that way, we are perceiving the other as a simple object. This has nothing to do with love. To love is to be in communion with the other and to discover in that other the spark of God." - Paulo Coelho

Maybe at some point, I had a misconception about love hehehe. Napaisip ako dun hehehe... ang lufet. :P


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